Meeting Details

BDEC2 Indiana

November 28 to November 30, 2018


Cyberinfrastructure Building (CIB)
2709 E 10th St
Bloomington, Indiana
United States


BDEC2 is the second series of BDEC workshops. BDEC2 will focus on the problem that the previous series identified and analyzed, namely, the problem of defining and creating consensus around a shared cyberinfrastructure for science in the data saturated world that is now emerging. Since massive amounts of data will soon be getting generated nearly everywhere, massive amounts of computing and storage will have to be available for use at the “edge” or in the “fog,” as well in commercial Clouds and HPC centers. We spell all this out more detail in a short prospectus.

We invite representatives of leading application communities to participate in one or more of the workshops in order to help the BDEC2 explore and capture their communities “application/workflow requirements.” And the analysis of requirements will have to focus on the locations and flow rates of relevant data sources, on the types of processing that needs to be done, and on the “when” and “where” of the necessary processing and storage/buffering, and so on. The problem of how to draw out and express such requirements is an intellectual challenge in its own right.

Participation would involve two things: coming to at least one of the workshops, and occasional participation in video web conferences with the BDEC application requirements working group. In particular, the first workshop in Bloomington in early October will focus on anticipated application/workflow requirements, though others will likely take further input on this front.


How Do You Get to Bloomington?

  • Option 1: Shuttle bus at Zone 1 of the Ground Transportation Center. Hilton Garden Inn is a bus stop in Bloomington.
  • Option 2: Online Reservation of Classic Touch Limousine Service or Toll Free: 800.319.0082
  • Option 3: Ride with Uber or Lyft at Zone A of the Ground Transportation Center.
  • Option 4: Car rental at the Indianapolis Airport.

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